The Perimenopause Solution

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The Perimenopause Solution by Dr. Michael Colgan and Lesley Colgan. Many women come to us after they have failed to get relief from their symptoms via the usual medical route. We have 34 years of scientifc research on perimenopause and menopause, covering more than 14,000 of our own cases, and more than one million women in scientific studies worldwide. From this database, we offer solutions that will not exploit women with expensive and doubtful drugs, nor useless \"\"miracle\"\" nostrums, but will show you in plain and understandable terms, how the latest science can overcome the perils of perimenopause and put your lifeback on track. Published 2009.

Chapter Titles:

1. A Woman's Transition

2. How Perimenopause Happens

3. Melatonin is Essential

4. Estrogen & Progesterone

5. The Equine Debacle

6. Bio-identical Hormones

7. Estrogen-Progesterone Protocols

8. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

9. Testosterone & Libido

10. Herbals for Perimenopause

11. Perimenopause Solution

From the time they first became available 25 years ago, we have advocated the use of bioidentical hormones for women. In 1996, we wrote the popular book Hormonal Health, explaining why the usual treatment with non-bioidentical equine hormones and synthetic progestins was archaic and dangerous. The Women's Health Initiative studies in the US were halted in 2002, and the Million Women studies in the UK in 2003. These huge clinical trials confirmed what we, and many other medical scientists, had already warned, that equine hormones, with or without progestins, cause increased rates of breast and endometrial cancer, heart disease and stroke. The ensuing public debate resulted in the withdrawal of most of the unnatural drugs from the market, and a pharmaceutical stampede to develop safer and better hormones for women. Now that most of the dust has settled we feel confident in the current, much improved state of hormonal treatment for perimenopause and menopause. Here are our (and other respected healthcare professionals) latest protocols for the use of bioidentical hormones, plus some non-hormonal treatments, in the hope that they will enable women to pass through the transition from youth to maturity with joy and grace, and the very best of health.

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