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Working with elite athletes, Dr Michael Colgan and colleagues discovered that many of them suffer from needless negative emotions, especially anxiety, fear, anger, and depression that are detrimental to their sports performance.

Testing normal non-athletes confirmed that up to 70% of subjects suffer similar emotional stress that inhibits their lives. The WHO reports that emotional dysfunction is second only to heart disease as a source of disorder in North America.

Since 1997 Dr Colgan has joined with other researchers to use the new science of neurogenesis (growth of new neurons in the brain) and neuroplasticity (development of new connections between neurons) to improvelearning, memory, balance, problem solving, brain speed and positive emotions in athletes and non-athletes alike.

Quiet Mind: Journey of Joy details his three-stage program to eliminate negative emotions and allow free expression of the immense potential of the human brain to develop a happy and successful life

Ingeniously weaving together the wisdom of many leaders, from Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Jesus, to Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, and even Dr Seuss and Winnie the Pooh, Dr Colgan provides a sound basis for a life of constant passion and joy.

Adopt Quiet Mind and join Dr Colgan and some of the greatest human minds who ever lived on a journey to perfect your capacity for the joyous emotions of love and compassion. Achieve your unique and bountiful future in this endless adventure of life, midst the beauty and growth and rhythms of Nature, in trees and mountains and oceans, and the perpetual rising of the sun.

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