Social Media Success Guide 3rd Edition

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A special thanks goes out to Lynn Hagedorn & Michael Clouse, Chris Harder, David Norris, Laura Stevens, Zach Slobin, Gina Mote, Hayden and Emily Vavra, Tyler and Kelley Dickerhoof, and Ciji Siddons for their help in creating this 90 page, 4-color book. It also includes a DVD with 7 video training segments on how to grow your business using social media. 

This second edition now includes tips on how to use Facebook Live, InstaStories, video, and Facebook groups to build your business and support your team.  In addition this version includes an audio CD hosted by Erik Coover where he interviews Lynn Hagedorn & Michael Clouse, Chris Harder, David Norris, and Laura Stevens.  (45 minutes training)

With dozens of practical guidelines and even more visual, real-life examples, this guidebook provides a thorough yet simple presentation of how to create a focused, comprehensive and compelling social media presence. Learn how to create a powerful social media brand, optimize your profile, attract a vastly bigger audience, and ultimately grow your Isagenix business for sustained, long-term success. 

In this first-of-its kind guidebook, you’ll discover: 

• Who social media and network marketing go hand-in-hand 
• The powerful principles that most people on social media aren’t following 
• How to create an effective profile 
• How to create a personable, likable and trustable “you” 
• How to create compelling and powerful social content that will significantly extend your reach 
• How to make others reach out to you because they’re interested 
• The social media etiquette guidelines you’re expected to follow 
• Real-life posts proven to work from actual Isagenix leaders 
• Dozens of practical tips and insights 
• And much, much more! 

Traditional marketing is no longer enough. The Isagenix Social Media Success Guide provides all the social media tools required to help your Isagenix business thrive in today’s digital world. 

DVD tracks include: 
1. Why Social Media – Zach Slobin 
2. Developing Your Brand – Gina Mote 
3. Facebook 101 – Hayden and Emily Vavra 
4. Sharing Your Story – Ciji Siddons 
5. Prospecting on Facebook – Gina Mote 
6. Recognition: How and Why – Tyler and Emily Dickerhoof 
7. Etiquette and Compliance – Gina Mote

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